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Abrasive CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

Today productivity & cost cutting is major concern for manufacturing industry. Every manufacturing industry should improve his strength with using upgraded technology. I would like to give you applications information where waterjet machines can be use to improve productivity and cost cutting benefit to Industry. Waterjet Cutting Machine is very useful tool in cutting industry and its use to cut different – different profile like metal, non-metal, stone, ceramic, granite, glass, plastic, rubber, wood, etc.



  • Titanium body for military aircrafts.
  • Engine Component (aluminum, titanium, heat-resistant alloys)
  • Aluminum body parts
  • Interior cabin panels
  • Custom control panels and structural components for special purpose aircraft such as crop-dusters and float planes
  • Rough trimming of turbine blades on jet engines
  • Aluminum skin, struts, seats, shim stock, brake components, titanium & exotic metals used in manufacturing landing gear

DWJ Flying Arm CNC Cutting Table Series

Model DWJ1520-FA/B* DWJ1525-FA/B*
Table Size 1600x2100 mm 1600x2600 mm
Travel X-axis 1500mm 1500mm
Y-axis 2000mm 2500mm
Z-axis 150mm 150mm
NC System Siemens / Fagor / Fanuc / Washing
Software NEW-CAM / Most 2D
Cutting Accuracy ± 0.1mm
Repeat Accuracy ± 0.025mm
Traverse Speed 0-3m/min for (A), 0-15m/min for (B)
Power Supply 220/380/415 VAC, 50/60HZ or As Required
*A - Stepper Drive , *B- A.C. Serve Drive