A Innovative International Ltd. Blog http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/blog/ Latest Products Mon, 26 Feb 2024 10:05:15 +0530 en-us http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com Whats So Special about CNC Cutting Machines? http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/blog/whats-so-special-about-cnc-cutting-machines_2993.htm Fri, 25 Oct 2013 12:51:32 +0530 Computer Numerical Control Cutting Machines, more popularly known as CNC Cutting Machines, are widely used in industries for cutting operations. There are different types of CNC Cutting Machines available in the market. Reduced lead time, elimination of operator errors, lower labor costs, reduced inspection, flexibility in changes of component design, precision in designs, and many more, are some of the advantages that make CNC Cutting Machines, a hit in industrial circles.CNC Cutting Machines have, in fact, changed the in and out of cutting processes.   Advantages Of CNC Cutting Machines Pre-programmable – This is the biggest advantage of CNC Cutting Machines. They can be pre-programmed, that is the cutting specifications have to be programmed in the CNC Cutting Machines at the beginning. And that program is run in cyclic loops to make the CNC Cutting Machines run continuously. Once the CNC Cutting Machines are programmed they can be left to work on their own. Only the cutting tools needs to be changed occasionally. Bulk Productivity – CNC Cutting Machines are pre-programmed with the desired specifications of the cut products.  Multiple parts can be produced using the same program and tooling. Precision – Computerized operating of CNC Cutting Machines makes it possible that all the manufactured products are identical and at the same time each piece perfectly matches with the pre-programmed dimensions. Easy To Operate – Though the technology used in CNC Cutting Machines is quite an advanced one but that does not mean that they are some complex kind of machines. In fact technology is moving towards making machines as user friendly as possible. CNC Cutting Machines are also very user friendly and less trained people can also handle them perfectly. Updatable – CNC Cutting Machines need not be dumped with the change in technology. By updating the software they become compatible to the changing demands.   In the nutshell, there are a whole lot of merits that make CNC Cutting Machines an ideal choice for cutting operations. To buy reliable CNC Machines, you can contact A Innovative International Ltd. Based in Gujarat the company is a reputed Manufacturer and Exporter of high precision CNC Cutting Machines and Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine. The wide variety of products offered by the company includes CNC Laser Cutting Machine, Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine and many more.  All the products are offered at market leading prices. For more details about the company and the products and services offered by it, one can log on to http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/. Waterjet Cutting Technology http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/blog/waterjet-cutting-technology_2994.htm Fri, 25 Oct 2013 13:56:17 +0530 Waterjet Cutting is a mechanical method. The cutting water enables a cut of great quality by acting as a cooling agent. It is a viable replacement to milling. It has the potential to process composite materials and carbon fiber efficiently and precisely. Reduced wastage results in optimum utilization.   Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting The material does not undergo thermal loading and there are negligible changes in the structure of the material. Considerable amounts of material can be saved due to a narrower cut width or kerf. The Waterjet Cutting Technology has the potential of creating nearly any contour because it works effectively both forward and backward. Materials with a variety of thicknesses can be processed with Waterjet Cutting Technology. The low reaction and cutting enable the processing of materials ranging from soft to filigree structures. A single clamping possesses numerous cutting features and a single cutting tool. This provides efficiency in the working of the water jet. It is economical as it takes up minimum processing time, setup and programming.   Waterjet Cutting Applications Waterjet Cutting Technology has the capability of processing any and every material, even titanium. The materials that are usually processed using Waterjet Cutting technology are aluminum alloys and aluminum, stainless steel, marble, stone, granite, ceramics, rubber, wood (MDF Only), paper, cardboard, leather, textiles, all plastic types, structural and sandwich materials, glass. It is also used to cut insulating and soundproofing materials.    Composite materials and Sealing Materials also benefit from this technology. It is used with glass and bullet-resistant glass. It is also used in processing soft foams and other metals. It finds another useful application in the processing of high-tech materials like carbon fiber.   A Innovative International Ltd. is a leading Exporter and Manufacturer of Cutting Machines. The product range comprises of machines like Waterjet Cutting Machine, High pressure Waterjet. It specializes in Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine and CNC Cutting Machines. CNC Cutting Machines available are basically two types, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and CNC Laser Cutting Machine. It provides quality services and is CE certified. It aims at customer satisfaction and makes use of innovative techniques. To get in touch with one of the renowned Waterjet Cutting Machines Exporters In India, log on to their website http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/ Non Conventional Through Through Cutting Machine http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/blog/non-conventional-through-through-cutting-machine_2995.htm Fri, 25 Oct 2013 13:58:37 +0530 Non conventional cutting does not require the direct contact of tool and workpiece so there is less/no wear. As a result, high accuracy will be there and good surface finish also tool life is more, very high speed cutting is possible, smaller kerf is possible & higher utilization of material is possible & quieter operation. Technologies which are used in non-conventional cutting are as follows:   CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine: CNC Water Jet Cutting is one of the most efficient cutting methods. It achieved by a computerized machine, which slices a metal with precision into a finished part. CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine is widely used in manufacturing sectors owing to a number of benefits. Even in India, this technology has developed a great demand in the market. Skilled and trained labor is required to properly program and operate a water jet table. In Water Jet Cutting process, a small stream is pushed through a tiny nozzle at a very high pressure. The first industrial application of water jetting was used to cut a corrugated cardboard. The Water Jet Cutting Machines has made the metal cutting process easier, faster and economical   Advantages of CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine: This technology does not require a lot of heat and so it does not transfer over to the material, which can alter the properties of a material. It is used for processing of almost all materials to give a precise product. It is eco-friendly as there is little to no waste of water and does not produce any poisonous gas. Less material is wasted due to narrow bridges and ribs, which gives precise cutting. There is no tool manufacturing or storing cost. It is quick to install and requires less maintenance. This machine is linked with the CAD/CAM programming system.   CNC Laser Cutting Machine: The secret for this decisive technology is the two water cooled electrodes & the high frequency between these two electrodes leads to simulation of the laser gas. The optical resonator is formed by the front & rear mirrors & also between two electrodes. The heat generated in the gas is dissipated by the water cooled electrodes. Thus as in conventional cutting gas circulation systems involving routes, blowers or turbines are not required. The main advantage of this technology is that the laser gas neither needs to be circulated nor to be renewed permanently i.e turbines & blowers susceptible to deterioration & service are eliminated. Thus optic integerated in to the resonator that are contaminated by flowing laser gas.   Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting Machine: High Efficiency Levels Clean cutting & High Speed Operations Lesser Costs & User Friendly Flexibility   CNC Plasma Cutting Machine: CNC Plasma Cutting Machine that is meant for heavy plate cutting and it ensures excellent cut quality and accuracy. In this process in which a jet of ionized gas is used for carrying out precise cutting operations.  Plasma is a fourth state of material- right after gas- that is created by subjecting a gas to exceptionally high temperatures. Plasma cutting technique has the capacity to cut even the strongest metals by using an energetic stream of ionized gas that is heated by an electronic arc. This causes the gas to be transformed to plasma. The plasma, then, effortlessly melts the metal. With the advancements in the plasma cutting technology, it is widely used for cutting non-ferrous materials, steel, etc.   Advantages of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine: Allow precise cutting operations even on the hardest of metals. The chances of human error are considerable reduced as all processes machine-controlled. Provides proper tool path verification. The volume of production is considerably higher than its counterparts. It is used for generating closer tolerances as compared to manual machines.   A Innovative International Ltd. is among the leading manufacturers, exporters and service providers based in Gujarat. The company deals in a wide range of CNC Cutting Machines i. e CNC Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC WaterJet Cutting Machines and Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machines.  In the thirteen years since inception, the company has slowly expanded its base to cover markets like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, U.A.E., Africa, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. For information about the company, or to know more about their CNC Cutting Machines, log on to www.waterjetcuttingindia.com Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine Features Uses http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/blog/robotic-waterjet-cutting-machine-features-uses_3149.htm Tue, 10 Dec 2013 11:51:54 +0530 Waterjet cutting would be a familiar enough term for those who are up-to-date about technologies and advanced systems in use today in the industrial sector. But a surprising fact about this technology is that its first application was for making wooden puzzles. The Waterjet cutting technology is relatively new & was first developed around 1975.   Waterjet Cutting: Now & Then Initially, the use of this technology was limited to a few random applications like cutting ice-creams, but with time, more and more sectors have come to rely on the use of this technology for several functions. Over the time, the many advantages of waterjet cutting over traditional cutting alternatives like laser cutting, punching, plasma cutting became known, with the result that this technology is commonly used in industrial set-ups all over the world today.   Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine & their Uses Robotic <b><a href ="http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/robotic-waterjet-cutting-machine.htm">Waterjet Cutting Machines</a></b> are latest in the line of cutting machines & are being widely adopted nowadays. Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machines today are capable of 3D cutting. Computer controlled Waterjet Cutting Machines are used extensively across multiple sectors like automotive, metal processing & metal forming, etc. These advanced waterjet cutting machines are even used for cutting materials like plastics, composites, sandwich materials, re-inforced glass fibers and many others. As mentioned earlier, the use of these hi-tech machines in the automotive sector is quite widespread. To be more specific, they are used for making automotive parts like roof linings, interior linings, interior & exterior parts, etc.   Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine Features Some of the reasons for the widespread use of this technology are mentioned below and will make it easy to understand why these are in such high demand. No Residues Are Generated :- Using Robotized Waterjet Cutting does not produce any kind of residues like smoke, dust, smell, etc. This ensures a safe and pollution-free working environment for operators. High quality Cutting is Achieved :- The quality of the cutting done by these advanced machines is excellent. The edges of the cut parts are clean & of superior quality. All this is achieved with minimum heat. Therefore, in the absence of heat, no chemical changes affect the cut parts. Can Cut Through The Hardest Materials With Ease :- By adding abrasives like garnets to the water jet, they become capable of cutting through the toughest of materials without applying excessive force. An example of materials that can be cut using these advanced Robotized Waterjet Cutters include glass, stone, composites, and even metals like aluminium and steel.   Established in 2000, A Innovative International Ltd specializes in manufacturing the best quality Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machines. Owing to the user friendly design and superior performance of these hi-tech machines, the company has earned a place among the top Waterjet Robotic Cutting System Manufacturers In India. To know more, visit http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com   Purpose to use CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/blog/purpose-to-use-cnc-water-jet-cutting-machine_3250.htm Wed, 15 Jan 2014 11:33:13 +0530 In the past few years, PC-based control technology has gained huge ground and has become popular in industrial circuit. CNC Machines deliver several benefits over their conventional counterparts, faster design cycles, lower downtime, increased productivity, greater control over designs, low maintenance costs, being a few of them.  In the following section, we will focus on CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines, how they work, what are their application areas and what benefits do they render.   CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines are computer controlled machines that pump water at sufficiently high pressure for machining process. These machines operate on the principle of particle erosion on high velocity and pressure. These machines are used for a wide range of applications including paint removal, cleaning, cutting soft materials, cutting frozen meat, surgery, pocket milling, drilling, turning, nuclear plant dismantling and many more jobs. CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines are suitable for working with an array of materials including steels, polymers, non-ferrous alloys, concrete, wood, reinforced plastics, glass fiber metal laminates and many more.   Merits Of CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines There are a number of benefits linked with the use of CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines. Here are a few of them. A multitude of materials with varying thickness can be cut effortlessly. There are no such issues as warping or distortion in the machined workpiece. One can achieve a wide array of cutting geometry with great degree of accuracy. Material loss at the end of the process is minimal. CNC Water Jet Cutting Machines produce no dust or sparks. There is no thermal cracking because of heat affected zone. Very high cutting speeds can be achieved thus ensuring faster design cycles and reduced downtime. Productivity also gets a boost.   Overall it can be said the time is not far when most of the machining processes will be computer controlled. Water Jet Cutting Machines have already adapted to CNC technology and it’s time for rest to follow.   A Innovative International Ltd. ranks among the prominent CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine Exporters from India.  The company is based in Ahmedabad and offers CNC Laser Cutting Machines, CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine, Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machines, etc. All the machines offered by the company are based on advanced technology and available at modes price quotes. For more details about the company and its offerings, you can log on to http://www.waterjetcuttingindia.com/.