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Waterjet Cutting Technology

Posted by Agroup on October, 23, 2013

Waterjet Cutting is a mechanical method. The cutting water enables a cut of great quality by acting as a cooling agent. It is a viable replacement to milling. It has the potential to process composite materials and carbon fiber efficiently and precisely. Reduced wastage results in optimum utilization.

Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting

  • The material does not undergo thermal loading and there are negligible changes in the structure of the material.
  • Considerable amounts of material can be saved due to a narrower cut width or kerf.
  • The Waterjet Cutting Technology has the potential of creating nearly any contour because it works effectively both forward and backward.
  • Materials with a variety of thicknesses can be processed with Waterjet Cutting Technology. The low reaction and cutting enable the processing of materials ranging from soft to filigree structures.
  • A single clamping possesses numerous cutting features and a single cutting tool. This provides efficiency in the working of the water jet.
  • It is economical as it takes up minimum processing time, setup and programming.

Waterjet Cutting Applications

  • Waterjet Cutting Technology has the capability of processing any and every material, even titanium.
  • The materials that are usually processed using Waterjet Cutting technology are aluminum alloys and aluminum, stainless steel, marble, stone, granite, ceramics, rubber, wood (MDF Only), paper, cardboard, leather, textiles, all plastic types, structural and sandwich materials, glass.
  • It is also used to cut insulating and soundproofing materials.
  • Composite materials and Sealing Materials also benefit from this technology.
  • It is used with glass and bullet-resistant glass.
  • It is also used in processing soft foams and other metals.
  • It finds another useful application in the processing of high-tech materials like carbon fiber.

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