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Jet Cut Series CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

Jet Cut Series CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine- JetCut Series-- Indigenous Machine with German Technology Along with all advanced Features.

We provide innovative products like CNC Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Machine, CNC Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine. 


Waterjet is a generic term used to describe equipment that uses a high pressure stream of water for cutting purposes. Abrasive jet is a subcategory of Waterjet in which abrasive is introduced to accelerate the process. 


Waterjet are fast, flexible, reasonably precise, and in the last few years have become friendly and easy to use. Waterjet is a versatile and flexible machining tool. You can cut a wide variety of material efficiently and cost-effectively and can create a wide variety of parts.  



  • S.S. covers on X, Y & Z axis – to protect the precision motion components from harsh Waterjet environment.
  • LED light to illuminates the work area to provide increased visibility and reduce operator fatigue.
  • AbraCleanTM – abrasive removal pump system helps to clean the tank without shutting down the machine.
  • Automatic water level up-down system for submerged cutting.
  • Initial start height sensor reduces nozzle breakage & improves cut quality
  • AccuFeedTM – Servo controlled abrasive metering system.
  • SmartFeedTM – Automatic abrasive feeding system.
  • Loading balls for easy handling of cutting sheets.
  • IDE cutting head assembly for long life & faster cutting.
  • Through pass on both X & Y axis helpful for cutting sheets larger then machine working area.
  • Unique, Rigid & Integrated Structure – Minimize installation area.
  • No foundation required 
  • System with world’s best CNC controller.
  • Inbuilt automatic lubricating system improves life of high precision components.
  • Mesh in tank to protect small parts falling at the bottom of tank.
  • No Toe Touch design for operator convenience.
  • Remote trouble shooting – machine can be checked via internet.
  • Waterjet Bricks – for cutting glass, brittle materials and small pieces.
  • Sheet Support – easily holds thin sheet without clamping.
  • Wireless keyboard – can be used as remote pendant.
  • Clamping kit to hold small jobs or thin sheets.
  • Cut resistance tank bottom.
  • Swivel free high pressure plumbing to reduce maintains cost over the life of the machine.
  • S.S. Protective cover on tank’s top edges to prevent damage to tank while loading the material.
  • Right angle to easily align the sheet before cutting
  • No need realign the heavy plats. If the plat is not loaded on right angle, Machine can change the angle of cutting program accordingly.
  • Precision ball screw on all X, Y & Z axis.
  • Cantilever design makes work table accessible from all three sides.