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KMT PRO Series CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

KMT PRO Series CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

In today's dynamic business environment, the ability to think outside the box is key to maintaining a competitive edge. A Innovative International Ltd as the name says is dedicated to providing innovative products like CNC Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Machine, CNC Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine and Robotic Waterjet Cutting Machine.


When it comes to advancing the technology KMT Waterjet Systems has always played a big role and well known for reliability, sophisticated design and ease of Maintenance. Therefore the KMT experts have become sought after advisers for production planning.


When it is PRO high-pressure range, KMT Waterjet Systems sets new standards in the field of Waterjet Cutting. PRO stands for Waterjet cutting technology with operating pressures of upto 6,200 bar. It is ideal for heavy metal cutting industries for cutting hard and thick material.


Benefits of KMT’s Rapid Change UHP Intensifier:

  • KMT PRO Series Pump is the best solution for manufacturers who requires higher performance and outstanding value.
  • Maintenance friendly design = more uptime.
  • Higher Cutting Speeds.
  • Improved Cutting Edge Quality.
  • Low Abrasive Consumption.
  • Quick & Easy Maintenance.
  • Unsurpassed Productivity.
  • Highest Efficiency.
  • Reduces specialty tool required.
  • Longer life time of seals and consumable parts.
  • Included softstarter helps you to decrease the operating cost.
  • Customer Focused Deign- Intensifier is located in the front of the Machine for easy access during physical inspections and maintenance.
  • Optimized machine utilization.
  • Improved conformality
  • Reduced delamination